The Metaverse Bridgeworld.

Governed by Treasure DAO.

Treasure bridges the growing network of metaverses through an open and composable approach to the convergence of NFTs, DeFi and Gaming.

Cross-ecosystem ties are bolstered through our interrelated resource model; $MAGIC (Power), Treasures (NFT | Resources) and Legions (NFT | Players)

This is where our story begins.

The Bridgeworld, The Origin Enclave, The Stasis Dimension.

A splice of worlds.

Through the ages, there have been countless songs and legends that told the tale of this world. All suspended in time, eclipsed from space -- silent. It was said that this world had no origin; a blank slate. A mere bridge connecting the multitude of other worlds together, from the beginning to the end of time.

Until -- the celestial ones gazed upon this abstract world. They found a world of remains filled with debris from other worlds rich with lore. and essence that existed long ago.

It was a world of Treasures, of long forgotten relics, and of effaced legends.

The Treasure World.

The celestial ones deemed this world the nexus of all worlds. It weaves other worlds together in perpetuity. Legions were elected to study the Magic that sustained this world -- to guide, to govern, and to protect it.

This is where our story begins.

How Treasure Works

MAGIC powers everything

TREASURES as resources

LEGIONS required to play


MAGIC is the natural resource of the Treasure metaverse, which “powers on” NFTs and turns them from fantasy into productive, yield-bearing assets.

MAGIC is designed to be increasingly scarce (emissions declining as complexity of the economy increases), as it weaves an ever-growing web of narrative bridges within the Metaverse.

Players can earn $MAGIC through playing, mining and participating in Bridgeworld. The Treasure ecosystem, therefore, is governed by MAGIC holders.

Legion 6


Treasures (NFTs) are a set of economic resources shared across the metaverse. As such, each Treasure carries a unique story that weaves different worlds.

They are lore of other worlds, and they, themselves are the bridges between them.

Players will be able to use Treasures to craft consumables or burn them for special effects.

Legion 8


Legions (NFTs) are the physical entities of the Bridgeworld, borne through spontaneous cracks and expanding entropies of the Bridgeworld.

Players take control of Legions and Mine, Farm, Craft, Quest, Battle, and more to propagate and build the Bridgeworld together.

Legion 10



Bridgeworld is the flagship product of Treasure.

Bridgeworld, or Legions, as they are represented by is an undercurrent world beneath the undulating waves of other worlds. Unseen, independent, but ever-present.

In Bridgeworld, players are the soul and Legions are the bodies fallen from myriads of other worlds. Players take control of Legions and Mine, Farm, Craft, Quest, Battle, and more to propagate and build the Bridgeworld together.

Below are functions in the works for Bridgeworld, and are subject to change.


1. Time-locked mechanism to mine $MAGIC. Progressively harder based on ‘Proof of Work'.

2. Coming soon


1. Different aspects of liquidity provision are abstracted to the gameplay and large economic mechanics.

2. Coming soon


1. Marketplace where users can trade Treasure-curated collections on Arbitrum.

2. Coming soon






Treasure Metaverse

Partnership Integrations

Partnerships are Treasure’s way of storing lore of other metaverses and propagating our resource model within said metaverses.

This further encapsulates the idea of extrinsically composable and intrinsically modular resource model. An economic model shared across the Metaverse.



Olympus Odyssey

Ether Orcs

And other external partnerships are in the works.


Work-in-progress / Planned cards are subject to change.



Fair Launch

Fair launch of the $MAGIC token via NFT staking

Fractionalisation of Treasure Bags

>80% of MAGIC locked in single sided staking contract to earn Legion NFTs

Novel approaches to incentivise LP and abstract away complexity (as an access key)

Introduced and educated a new wave of users to DeFi

2021 Q4


Migration to Arbitrum

Migrated ~88m MAGIC to Arbitrum via our migration contract (one of the first to actively move from ETH L1)

Creation of hundreds of detailed artworks and minting thousands of NFTs on Arbitrum (i.e., Treasures, Legions, Rivermen, Numeraires, Seeds of Life and special keys)

Announced MAGIC-OHM pair for Arbitrum

Genesis Mine on Arbitrum

First dual staking mine - MAGIC (ERC20) + Treasures (ERC1155)

78% of circulating supply committed to our Genesis mine for between 2 weeks and 3 months (TVL of ~$33m USD)

Regular top 10 liquidity pair on Sushiswap with >$3m liquidity

2021 Q4


Governance and Marketplace

Launch of TreasureDAO and the first fair NFT ‘governance model’ - only veMAGIC holders and LP can vote where weight of veMAGIC adjusted based on lock (gMAGIC)

First all token standard NFT marketplace on Arbitrum

Smol Brain collection launched with 3m MAGIC volume in first 3 days

Several integrations in the works - LIFE, Getting Bodied, ???, ???





Expand Treasure Metaverse

Bridge Partner Ecosystems

Bridgeworld phase 01



Bridgeworld phase 02

Bridgeworld MVP